Monday, July 15, 2024

VDO360 had the great idea of trying be an all-around supplier of everything VTC. While an admirable goal, and one that someday they may hit, they decided that it was more important to find that key piece of equipment that will change the way we collaborate. That key piece – at least in our experience – is the computer. They have developed the best in class camera to capture the video, worked with Intel on the best in class computer, found the best in class microphone to capture the audio and put together a great package to maximize value.

VDO360 Products: IVS Imaging

Video Conferencing

IVS Imaging is a distributor & manufacturer of machine vision cameras, lenses, cabling, monitors, filters, interface boards & more. IVS is your one stop shop for all your vision needs. IVS Imaging is known across the USA for carrying imaging products from leading manufactures, including Cameras and Accessories, Basler Industrial Cameras, Hitachi Surveillance Cameras, Toshiba Network-based IP Cameras, and Sentech Advanced Digital and OEM cameras. Contact IVS Imaging for all your imaging products, parts, and accessories needs.