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dPict 10533-001 nVision GX2 HD, Dual Comp, Ethernet 10533-001

dPict nVision GX2 HD, Dual Comp, Ethernet

dPict 10533-001 nVision GX2 HD, Dual Comp, Ethernet 10533-001 Need Assistance?Call us at @ 888-446-1301

dPict nVision GX2 HD, Dual Comp, Ethernet

Intelligent Video Network Device. nVision from dPict Imaging is a multi-format intelligent video acquisition device for mobile or remote capture. nVision digitizes and transmits high-quality, full-resolution video over TCP/IP networks in real time. nVision’s compact size allows it to be installed anywhere a network connection exists. Designed with a powerful TI DM642 video processor, nVision is perfect for video analysis applications.


  • Integrated Texas Instruments DM642 720 MHz DSP
  • RGB/YPrPb, S-Video, or Composite video streaming and capture
  • Image processing capability
  • High-quality 10-bit video digitizing
  • Full-resolution viewing and capture in square pixel or ITU.BT.601 formats
  • NTSC and PAL video formats
  • Fully scalable JPEG compression
  • Simultaneous transfer of compressed and uncompressed video
  • 64 MB SDRAM Frame Buffer for reliable image transfer
  • On-board FLASH memory for calibration set¬tings configuration, or web interface
  • Smooth video scaling to arbitrarily sized win¬dows
  • Composite video output
  • General purpose I/O triggers
  • Dual UART serial communications
  • Optional nVision I/O carrier board for easy access to all video, communications, and trigger I/O
  • nVision API supports Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio for embedded application development.

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