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Intercon1 CLCP*-5.0-P High Flex Camera Link – Right Angle Overmold - 26 Pos MDR (Standard) Connectors (Overmolded), Locking Thumbscrews, 5.0 meters

Intercon1 CLCP*-5.0-P

Intercon1 CLCP*-5.0-P High Flex Camera Link – Right Angle Overmold - 26 Pos MDR (Standard) Connectors (Overmolded), Locking Thumbscrews, 5.0 meters distributed by IVS Imaging Call us at @ 888-446-1301

Intercon1 CLCP*-5.0-P

Intercon 1 high-flex cable construction adheres to Camera Link specifications and are Certified to Camera Link Committee Standards. By combining the most advanced materials and sophisticated building techniques, Intercon 1 provides the most robust industrial assemblies available. These assemblies are designed to function within a broad range of temperature and environmental conditions and may be used in either static or flex applications.

Intercon 1's high performance right angle Camera Link cable increases versatility and resiliance in restricted space applications. The unique right angle overmolding available in up, down, left and right orientations allows for immediate turns behind the interface that are specific to your application needs eliminating the need for minimum bend radius concerns. The common configuration consists of a right angle on the camera end and an overmolded straight connector on the equipment end. However both connectors are available with a right angle.

Our High Flex extension cables offer system versatility and convenience when required to extend your current cable length. Both the plug and the receptacle connectors feature durable overmolded strain reliefs. The receptacle end is completed with 4/40 jacknuts to ensure locking and proper, constant connection through motion and vibration. Right angle and low profile right angle assemblies are also available in the extension format.

The latch style locking offers a quicker connect/disconnect time for the plug end than standard thumbscrews. Cables are available with latches on both ends and with latches on one end and thumbscrews on the other.

Intercon 1 high-flex cable construction adheres with the Camera Link specifications and performs past 5 million flex cycles.

Configurations are available with:

MDR to MDR, MDR to SDR, and SDR to SDR with straight overmolded ends or with a combination of right angle Up, Down, Left, or Right as well as low profile Up or Down. See page 54 for overmold dimensions.


  • Durable overmolding
  • Thumbscrew locking
  • Designed to surpass 5 million flex cycles
  • Camera Link Certified
  • Robust High Flex cable
  • 360 Degree shielding
  • Right angle interfaces
  • Quick latch style locking
  • RoHS Compliant

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