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Basler Aviator avA1900-60km

Basler avA1900-60kcmMachine Vision Area Scan Camera Link 1920 x 1080, 62 fps, color 2/3" CCD / Kodak KAI-2150 C-Mount -Aviator avA1900-60km distributed by IVS Imaging Need Assistance Call us @888-446-1301

Basler Aviator avA1900-60km

The Basler aviator family is a series of high speed mainstream CCD cameras with Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link interface and a very attractive price/performance ratio. It features mono and color camera models with resolutions of 1, 2 (4:3 and HDTV), and 4 megapixels with progressive scan readout and global shutter technology.

Superior image quality, even at high image capture rates, makes a convincing argument for this advanced camera family. Basler aviator cameras are equipped with Kodak’s latest CCD sensor generation with four tap readout technology. These sensors are up to four times faster than standard CCD sensors of the same resolution. With the aviator, Basler has applied the unique tap balancing competence we gained during the development of our earlier camera families such as the Basler pilot series, which also employs Kodak multi-tap sensors.

Excellent linearity, dynamic range, and noise level.
The best tap balance by performing individual tap calibration during production.
More than 25 camera features such as auto-gain, auto-exposure or the signal input debouncer support easy system integration.
More than 100 megabytes of data persecond and up to 100 meter cable length with GigE.
The widest bandwidth connection for maximum grabbing speed with Camera Link and compatibility with all common frame grabbers.
Additional opto-isolated I/Os for external devices (e.g., strobe) in the Camera Link models.
Rugged housing featuring safe locking connections and an easy integration due to different mounting positions.
Field-proven Basler pylon driver package with both filter and performance drivers.
“GenICam over Camera Link” or direct register access support.
Very attractive price/performance ratio.

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