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Tamron 13VG20100AS-SQ

Tamron 13VG20100AS-SQ

20-100mm F/1.6, DC Iris,CS-Mount

Tamron 13VG20100AS-SQ

1/3 20-100mm F/1.6 Aspherical with connector


  • Focal Length 20-100mm
  • Iris Range F/1.6-360
  • Iris Operation Auto-Iris (DC)
  • Focus Operation Manual w/Lock
  • Zoom Operation Manual w/Lock
  • Mount CS
  • 1/3" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 13.6° x 10.2°/2.8° x 2.1°
  • 1/4" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 10.2°x 7.6°/2.1°x1.6°
  • Focusing Range 1.0m ~ INF
  • Back Focus (in air) 22.292mm(wide)~18.298mm(tele)
  • Filter Size ---
  • Iris Operating Voltage Open 4V / Close 0.5V
  • Weight 156 grams
  • Operating Temperature -20° ~ +60°C

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